Choosing the Ideal Lamp for Fixing Gel Nails

Gel nails are of two Types – those that cure with no UV light non light gels and those that heal under a UV light. The gel nails are considered to be. They look better and finish. UV lamps form an essential part of a nail salon or spa or even for those people who would like to do their nails at home. UV light helps heal gels, acrylics, enamels in your nails to perfection. They stop the gel or oil from dividing by curing the product on the nail completely. Keeping the above Factors in mind, it is important to select the UV lamp to treat your nails for the finish. Offered by manufacturers and Offered in a variety of models, you get a huge array of bulbs and lamps to choose from. As a first time buyer to your salon or spa, you could be confused as to what is the lamp.

Gel Nails Trendy

Check for the Manufacturers antecedents – a producer who’s already offering gel nail products and it is accessories has odds of supplying you. They have the reputation of the website and would not offer products that are shoddy. You are likely to have a better deal in your lamp as part of your gel nail kit. Pick a lamp with 110V and when in Europe, get a 220V lamp while shopping if you are in the USA. You might end up. Pick the appropriate Wattage for curing – if you aspire to attain recovery and purchase to get a lamp with a watt bulb, think again. It is not a good idea for salon use. You need to put money into a lamp with at least 24-36 wattage for the nails to heal. So in case you go in for say a 36 watt lamp, you will need to purchase 4 bulbs of 9 watts each. There are bulbs that have wattage of 54, to decrease the time. So think check out your business’ growth prospects and invest.

Miscellaneous – your Purchase considerations should consider your budget, the time that you would like to spend on the image and a customer you want to portray. There are. Both hands can be cured by you. Some esmaltes semipermanentes can be used for the feet, some for others and the palms are constructed in such a way they can be utilized for the hands and feet. It is on what you want to put money into your choice. You may set the time on having an auto switch off for curing; UV lamps have attributes like sensors. Tunnel designed lamps make it effortless to rest on your customers hands. It is advisable to do go and then a comprehensive analysis of the kind of lamp you want to get. Avoid staring at the UV light, follow manufacturer’s directions, clean and replace bulbs and lastly never forget to use the lamp with caution to prevent harm.

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